Osso Buco

by Cyrano Sinatra



This is a very climactic time in America. Wars are increasing, public discourse and politics are in a constant struggle over power, privilege and prestige. The working class is hanging on by a thread, while the rich are cashing out and moving to greener pastures overseas. Public executions, disguised as business-as-usual by law enforcement, are reaching genocidal numbers, while social norms are being rewritten and renewed by clashing classes seeking representation and equality.
Cyrano Sinatra has seen it all, mostly from his home in Raleigh, North Carolina. Living in the heart of the Bible belt, where religion isn't business, and right-to-work means no union representation, Cyrano has seen some of the harshest realities of the changing American landscape come full circle to his beloved home. So, when given a chance to speak on the state of North Carolina, Cyrano does not hold back in the least. On "Osso Buco," he delivers a watchlight sermon to alert all who are tired of the news stories on North Carolina's inequality, that he is tired as well. Not only that, but that a new dawn is arising, fueled by a generation that will not place tradition over justice. Dasan Ahanu joins Cyrano on this Sharpcuts-produced novella, adding a narrator's touch with a preacher's fire and brimstone.
"Osso Buco" is the lead single off Cyrano & Sharpcuts upcoming concept album, Good Eats, tentatively scheduled for release late 2016.


released June 1, 2016

Production by Sharpcuts
Vocals by Cyrano Sinatra & Dasan Ahanu
© Free At Last Music Group 2016. All Rights Reserved



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Cyrano Sinatra Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Osso Buco featuring Dasan Ahanu (Album Version)
"Peep the wise words quoted from a kid wit no siblings
Parentals are advised to gather up your misgivings
'Cause love ain't all brotherly
Sisterhoods are Coventry
The shelter I was given isn't close enough to cover me
Wade in the water, LeBron on foreign lands
Got a gun inside my van, I'm just trying to understand
It was all so simple 'bout a week ago'
The solid foundation for a new Black nation is in our hands
Nobody telling us we're good enough to be here
(I was) born on the day that the towers fell, are we clear?
These Cross Colours don't run, we overcome
Deferred dreamchasers, I see you my Native Sons
Don't ever get it twisted, this system can drag you down
To positions where your only choice is forfeit your crown
Or die there on the battlefield an unknown soldier
Our purple hearts broken, our tears heavy as boulders
Our justice passed over, our holocaust denied
That promissary note we were given was falsified
These babyboomers tried to neutralize our fucking minds
Said "we shall forget" to the struggle they left behind
We know too many have died for Black pride
So why not come together for another college try?
So tell me exactly what got better with time?
Our open wounds still unhealed
Bet a Dean Smith play from the sideline can get us to the high-rise if number 23s on board, raw deal.
My capital venture is fighting with the militia
No photo bombs, we bear arms in bigger pictures
Smell the foul fragrance, this bloodthirsty nation
You cannot break us 'cause you didn't fucking make us
Cry tears of joy when my homie had a boy
Now that 14 years have passed, my homies up in his ass because his math grade dropped to a D..
An NFL wide receiver's what he's trying to be
But in our corner of the Bible belt, church is foundation
Sports and other fantasies are rare conversations
Sorry my brother, I know you can run fast, but you considered last, so pay attention in class
And every lie you hear, turn a deaf ear to it
Your parents when thru it so we know that you can do it
But please, how do we feed these seeds with special needs?
No roots so they can't proceed
What a para-bull durham
Race unity is in a glass house
We dont wanna talk about it til we run these neighbors out
This homegrown heresy doesn't stop with Congress
Fathers of the year didn't raise us, they spawned us in water so polluted it left our skin jaundiced
Better ante up quick, 'cause the final hour's upon us...

Dasan Ahanu: