by Cyrano Sinatra



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<Jackson 5 sample>
Its like,
HoHoHo and 3 bottles of Boones Farm
Chillin at the house, wit the Christmas tunes on
Fireplace warmed up
Eggnog poured up
Yall know what I'm talkin bout
<It's that time of year>
Waitin for the snowfall/Praying it comes soon
Tryna get my Granddad to sing just one tune
Me and my Pops'd have the lights on the house so bright
That you would think it's high-noon in mid-June
Saturday parade/Wont you look at the angels
Its the one time a year when nobody's a stranger
You can talk to a neighbor/Or somebody at the mall
Can't find that one gift/Making last-minute calls
Ice on the roads/And the ponds are frozen
The downtown streets are all silver and golden
Ya job gets hectic/But you gotta respect it cuz
You dont want nobody just to feel neglected
Tis the season/The reason's always the same
Peace, happiness and love is the name of the game
So dont miss this
Pull out your wishlist
Christmas is here!
<It's that time of year>

You know you bout to be broke as a mug
And if somebody get's shorted/You hoping it's love, cuz its
Better to give to the ones in need/Than the ones all consumed wit greed
Bah humbug
You know you lucky if you got just one love
And you might not know who it is/But someone does
Secret Santa scribbled in her daily planner
Yeah you almost forgot didnt you?
<It's that time of year>
The church play got Mary and Joseph
The whole room filled wit poinsettas and roses
And you know who got the solo!
She get the solo every year!
Somebody else singin that? Thats a no-no!
Its almost time/And you got no dough left
No more gifts and no more stress
Sit down by the fire/And take a nap
Santa sweeps in outta nowhere/Then exits stage left
Now I'm
Opening presents while I'm/Eating breakfast
And Pops got Moms this ridiculous necklace man
He always showed up and showed out
Cuz he knew what these holidays were really about
And me and Mom?
Always had that tree on lock
And you know that Black angel sittin right at the top
Its all good
Everybody gotta do it up their own way, cuz its
<It's that time of year>
Now you got to make the family rounds
And dont try to rush/Naw you better sit yo butt down!
Its paper all over the floor/You gotta lotta gifts but
You know you praying that its just one more
Load the car up/Head to the house
Take a load off
Watch a little TV/Before you start to doze off
And then ya lady comes in wit her gift
What a way to end
<It's that time of year>
Tis the season/Holly and jolly
This is my definition of/Christmas In Raleigh
From Backpackers Anonymous to you
We hope all ya holiday wishes come true
I said
Tis the season/Holly and jolly
This is my definition of/Christmas In Raleigh
From Backpackers Anonymous to you
We hope all ya holiday wishes come true


released December 15, 2012
Produced by J.SLikK (for Backpackers Anonymous Music Group)




Cyrano Sinatra Raleigh, North Carolina

Free At Last Music Assassin, Backpackers Anonymous Griot, Eargasm Entertainment Yoda, 1/2 of dynamic duo SteadyFlow...Known for dropping classic mixtapes, albums and features. Your favorite emcee\\\'s emcee. #GETFAMILIAR (For booking, email ... more

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